Special Offers Donegal
Martina in her Kitchen Patsy playing the Fiddle for Guests Patsy Showing his Sheepdogs at Drumcorroy

Martina O'Sullivan spent many years running the busy home, looking after the children and helping on the farm. Martina and Patsy have raised two boys and two girls and now have five grandchildren. Martina takes pride in her gardens and the flowers and she also counts amongst her hobbies a love of dancing and Irish Traditional music. She has visited Dollyworld, Nashville and Graceland all in U.S.A. Martina's adds to the enjoyment of your stay with her friendly welcome and exhuberant personality. Her home baking is renowned and you will leave Drumcorroy with happy memories of the excellent breakfasts enjoyed in the sun-lounge.

Patsy is a sheepdog handler who delights in thrilling guests from all over the world with his demonstrations. During your stay at Drumcorroy House be sure to ask for a demonstration. He also is a traditional fiddle player and if not to busy on the farm is always delighted to give the guests a few tunes.

Like most farmers, Patsy grew up with dogs around him on the farm and he was used to working with them. He was lucky to grow up in an area well known for the number of shepherds who are serious collie men. He has shown off his skills at the agricultural shows throughout the country and competed nationally at championship sheepdogs trials. He is also a County Donegal champion and his cups are on view within the house. As a natural communicator, Patsy is well equipped to give fascinating practical demonstrations of his skill and after a demonstration he's always on hand to answer any questions.